Gender Bender 2012

The student-curated exhibition Gender Bender: Evolving Identities 1914-45, was the final product of the inaugural Museum Studies Program, a collaborative course sponsored by Miami Dade College, New World School of the Arts and Mitchell Wolfson Jr. Study Centre with support from the Mitchell Wolfson Sr. Foundation.
Highlighting the radical shifts in the roles men and women played during the period 1914 – 1945, Gender Bender examined expected and non-conforming gender roles and how these identities are still reflected in contemporary society.Comprised of almost a hundred object from the private collection of Mitchell Wolfson, Jr., the exhibition included paintings, posters, sculpture, jewellery, product labels and rare books. Stated Wolfson, “My intent is to provoke dialogue, to encourage an exchange through examination and reinterpretation of our past which, naturally, impacts our present. It is exceedingly gratifying to have these students explore and present these materials through their own 21st century lens.”