Museum Studies

This two-semester course offered through Miami Dade College, Wolfson Campus, provides a broad introduction to the museum world through hands-on curatorial experience handling artwork, unique opportunities to interface with museum professionals and a strong grounding in the history and evolution of the museum. The first semester of the course will focus on what a museum is, and examine the various types of museums (art, history, natural history, science, etc.). We will investigate the varied jobs and responsibilities within museums such as curating exhibitions, design and installation, education, research, development, collection management, and conservation. Held in the-state-of-the art Mitchell Wolfson Jr. Study Centre in downtown Miami, students will have access to more than 25,000 objects and explore the history and various themes surrounding the Mitchell Wolfson Jr. collection with holdings in design, architecture and the fine arts from the period of 1885-1945. Through readings, written assignments, and panel discussions involving museum professionals (directors, curators, designers, conservators, and educators from museums in the Miami-Dade area), students will gain an understanding of the museum as an institution, and an understanding of the challenges and responsibilities that museums and their staff members encounter.

The spring semester is devoted to the planning, organization and execution of an original student-curated exhibition based on works from the Mitchell Wolfson Jr. collection as well as the production of a catalogue that will be designed and written by students.  The exhibition will be presented in the New World School of the Arts gallery located in downtown Miami. The final portion of the course includes four-day trip to New York City to visit a number of internationally renowned cultural institutions. Students will be given “behind-the-scenes” access to museums like the Museum of Modern Art, Morgan Library, and many others. Space is limited, but there are still a few spots left for interested students.