The Mitchell Wolfson Jr. Study Centre

The Mitchell Wolfson Jr. Study Center, with holdings in design, architecture and the fine arts from the period 1885 – 1945, is dedicated to enlarging the boundaries of well-established disciplines and focusing students and researchers on previously unexplored areas.  Unlike most formal cultural institutions that must operate within a set of constraints and are obliged to seek out materials to support the work of researchers and curators, the Mitchell Wolfson Jr. Study Centre actively uncovers materials that are not yet being investigated.  It is the mission of the Study Centre to anticipate the needs of future students in this area.

Located in downtown Miami, the Study Center provides access to innovative educational programs and an interdisciplinary study of art, culture and history. Students from local universities engage the collection for aesthetic inspiration, historic interpretation and to learn about collection management and curate exhibitions. The Study Centre seeks out educational initiatives including internships, independent projects, tours and research.

Focusing primarily on works from the United States, Europe, and Japan, the collection includes more than 20,000 objects including furniture, paintings, textiles, ceramics, works on paper and rare books.  The Center also includes an important and extremely rare collection of works from Seiz Breur, a Breton nationalist arts movement seeking to anchor modernity in a Celtic past.

Collection tours are available by appointment.